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Song Information
Music: Christian Grotenbreg
Lyrics: Bruce Smith

Breaking news and breaking hearts, Ground Zero’s comin’ home
And when the dust has settled down the seeds of hate are sown
Breaking news and breaking hearts, exclusive and so live
If we try to tune it out our conscience won’t survive

The devil now is ragin’ blind, with a dark and toothless grin
With an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, he’s paid the wages of sin
He does his best, he’s working fast, now time is running out
He’s not afraid of dirty hands, he’ll never go without

Breaking news and breaking hearts, fresh images of death
Reason banned to martyrdom, the whole world holds its breath
Breaking news and breaking hearts, shallow soundbytes drawing blood
See once more humanity’s good name dragged through the mud

Now our chickens have come home to roost, will the doves of peace depart?
Will the nightmares all go with this last wake-up call?
Will we find a new change of heart?
The answer stares us in the face, we only have to see
It’s really very simple now, its power can set us free

Breaking news and breaking hearts, more hungry children flee
Ugly dogs of war unleashed feed on small bigotry

Breaking news and breaking hearts, yet heroes still arise
They who dare to show they care, compassion in their eyes
Hope wells up behind the tears as we stumble on love’s path
One day these breaking hearts will heal and break out in a laugh
No more breaking news and breaking hearts


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