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Song Information
Music: Alex Tsikouras
Lyrics: Alex Tsikouras

One day you told me
That you were tired, you were down
You needed a break then
But what do I do without you now

Our home is empty, garden’s dead
Only one pillow on our bed
The madness, the silence
I’m sitting by my phone

Wishing you’ll call to say hello
And put an end to this sad show
Come back now, can’t stand it
Another day alone

One day you’ll tell me
It wasn’t meant to be at all
‘Cause when you fly high
Sooner or later you will fall

Let’s stop this masquerade
You’re scared and I’m afraid
It doesn’t make no sense
It’s all a false pretense

But we can fly up there again
To waste this chance would be insane
Together return
And claim your empty throne

I’ll be your queen, you’ll be my king
I’ll breath the notes that you will sing
Come back now, can’t stand it
Another day alone

Another day
Another day alone
Another day alone


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