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Song Information
Music: Daniel Moyne, Quentin Bachelet
Lyrics: Dele Ladimeji
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Corsican English

I would dream about her
With her voice’s soft and pure sound
It’s the memory totally embraced
When the night ends, I’d be there

I would dream about her
But I’m always her lamenter
And if this heart finds it hard to care
How to get through come tomorrow

I’m down upon my knees
I’m there staring at the ocean
We could have had the world
So that you’re not here, I must dare to dream
That your soul is not so far away

I shall see you, here’s what I shall sing
It’s a song made for today

Mournful, I keep crying
Pray to heaven till I’m dying
With a mountain right in front of
And the nightmare has to end

My true love, we die together


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