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Music: Antonio Furtuna, Dan Bittman
Lyrics: Antonio Furtuna, Dan Bittman
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Romanian English

Love was forever as I live my life with you
I believe there was a heaven
So many memories take me back to you

We sure wouldn’t live till demon
You will have to live without
Just a land to see you sail along every broken heart

When the love was in and I never worried
When the love was in, I never knew, I never…

I never lived here, yeah
Never felt the same before
Help me find the way to see it through
And I’ll be back for more

You can’t stop it now, tell me I will divine
Does it have to be this way?

(When the love was in, when the love was in)
Yeah yeah yeah…
(When the love was in)
The love was in, the love was in, the love… (When the love was in)
(When the love was in) Why won’t you listen to me, baby?

(When the love was in)
I’ll never know


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