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Music: Edwin Schimscheimer
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Dutch English

I’ve been around the world
In search of an everlasting truth
My final reason
But no matter how far
You can’t stop the turn of the season

Open your eyes for the day to come
Open your eyes, face the morning sun
Open your eyes and soon you find your way

Don’t be afraid, hold on to your dream
Don’t let them wait, life’s an endless dream
Open your eyes, it’s only just begun

I’ve been around the world and kicked over the traces
I’ve crossed the ocean for a heart of gold
I’ve glowed a million’s burn to the hungry faces
So many stories that cannot be told

Who needs tomorrow when today’s not worth living?
Why can’t we live our lives with truth in our hearts?
The love that you’re hoping to find
Hides in you, holds the key to forever

Open your eyes, see the sun and hide
Open your eyes, let the tears run dry
Open your eyes for love’s eternity

Open your eyes

Open your eyes
Open your eyes
Open your eyes


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