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Music: Ralph Siegel
Lyrics: Fred Jay
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They seem to wear a different mask each night they play
They’re forever someone else with every part
They want to make it in the theatre all the way
And the people down there know it in their heart

They are beggars, kings or fools, they got it made
Maybe someday I’ll be part of the parade

It’s showtime, it’s showtime, the curtain goes up
Everyone out there on stage
It’s showtime, it’s showtime, let’s reach for the top
Songbirds, get out of your cage

There’s a center of attraction as you’re blinded by the lights
We know the crowds are after tears and laughter
It’s showtime, it’s showtime, what more can I tell?
Showtime is heaven and hell

And the funny man’s laughin’, though he’s feeling down right low
But the audience won’t know – they love that funny show
And the hero’s a zero who’s frightened of a mouse
But acts the hero and brings down the house

There is nothing like showtime, it will take you to the sky
No stagefright can ever hold you back
It’s showtime in no-time, you take off and fly
Knowing you’re on the right track

It’s showtime, it’s no time, the dream has come true
We own the world here on stage
We’re singing, we’re dancing, we’re playing for you
Turning each night a new page

It’s showtime, it’s showtime, of course
We’re living just for your applause


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