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Music: Pieter Verlinden
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Dutch French

Just a charade
Our love is just a charade
Where is the time
When you and I were close? I wore your rose

Just a charade
Our life is just a charade
When we were young, we were so carefree
You and me, so happy

But now, a memory fading so fast
Although we thought that it would last

Time and again
We talked but time and again
No guarantees, no hope
Just nothing soft and so much old

Just in a trance
It took that one stolen glance
We were as one
The world before us, so bright

How we tried, and how I cried, a last goodbye
You closed the door of love
Yes, my love

Look at me, don’t you see what you’ve done to me?
I tried so hard to mend the bridges that you’d broken
But we couldn’t wait to feel the hand of fate
Now it’s too late, but something in me tells me that you still love me

Just a charade
We had it made
Love’s a charade
You know, you should have stayed


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