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Song Information
Music: Eduard Prystupa
Lyrics: Tymofiy Reshetoko
Other versions
English Ukrainian

My time is slow, I feel I’m fated
To glory of seeing you and trying time
My fever knows of secret pleasure
Your worry, your sadness, your love was bright

You are my angel, I saw you flying
I feel you touch me through your breath
Your voice is music, the beat is coming
My world was such a mess

My life was lost in dark emotions
All things that I’ve done, well they’re harder since
The clouds were dark above my ocean
But I felt your touch, you stay with me

You are my angel, I saw you crying
I feel your tears, you know I can
Well off my head was all of mine
And now I feel a thing

Goodbye, my angel, I see you flying
I feel the wings I always had
The sky is burning and ours is running
Goodbye, my angel

Goodbye, my angel, I see you flying
My tears got dry for all the rest
Goodbye, my cruel world, I hope you are coming


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