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Music: Ott Lepland, Aapo Ilves
Lyrics: Stanislav Bulganin
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ESC Version Extended Version
English Spanish

Hear me in every nature’s sounds
Hear me in whispers of the ground
Be near me through murmurs in the dark
Do you hear me?

See me in every face you stare
And hear me from almost everywhere
This evening my heart will say it all
Just hear me

Hear me carried by the wind
You’ll hear me drowning everything
Just hear me, my loving heart can sing

Down the shadows I will make my way
With simple words I have to say
To break your silent world
Shouting in the night, I’m standing halfway to your heart
My voice is calling, hear me out

Hear me carried by the wind
You’ll hear me drowning everything
Just hear me, my loving heart can sing

Please hear me


  • Kevin Cook says:

    Such a shame this official English version is so much less subtle than the original Estonian (which I’ve started to learn after hearing this song). The Spanish and Russian versions are a bit better, but I’m so glad Ott Lepland sang this in his own language. And the fact it came sixth, behind other songs that weren’t in English, proves that you don’t need to sing in English (especially the mediocre, predictable English that is now so typical of Eurovision) to be successful!

    I’m reminded of the terrible American English version of ‘The Girl from Ipanema’, which took all the dreamy beauty out of the Portuguese original. This English version of Ott’s song changes the whole message, making it much more of an up-front love song, with ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘me’ all over the place. In Estonian he doesn’t say ‘hear me’, he says ‘listen’ (to everything, especially the silence), and only at the very end does he mention his own heart, in one short syllable. The word ‘love’ doesn’t occur once. It’s all so much more implicit – which doesn’t mean lacking in emotion, far from it….

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