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Music: Joop Stokkermans
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Dutch English

You only gave me daydreams
But dreams won’t last till noon
I asked if you could come again
I did it all too soon

My yearning is a-growing
That can’t control the pain
And storms will smash the lonely heart
That waited all in vain

You’ve left me with illusions
And time slipped through our hands
I long to have you here with me
To walk the sea-washed sands

We’ve watched the birds go southwards
They fly until they’re tired
There’s never been a scent or a smoke
Without a fire

This waiting will be over
You’ve come to keep me warm
The moment of our meeting
Will settle down the storm

Let’s put an end to dreaming
Of all the plans we made
For time will make us realise
It’s always getting late


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