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Music: Sverre Kjelsberg
Lyrics: Ragnar Olsen, David Chocron
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Norwegian English

A melody of Sámiid earth
Land that cradled them since birth
Like a greeting from the north
From the north, Sámiid Ædnan

Whispering their one demand:
Sámiid Ædnan – Sámiland
Feel the breeze grow to a storm
To a storm, Sámiid Ædnan

The storm that reached the parliament
Sámiid Ædnan, Sámiid Ædnan
Thunder from a native tent
Sámiid Ædnan

And who can take away their rights?
Hear the joik go day and night
Sámiid Ædnan

Stronger than a battle cry
Oh, Sámiid Ædnan
For a joik will never die
Oh, Sámiid Ædnan

For a joik will never die
Sámiid Ædnan


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