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Music: Udo Jürgens
Lyrics: Udo Jürgens
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Tell me why, first why, a flower should die
Oh… one hour of life, and then it’s goodbye
A flower that lived to bless the sky
Give me the answer – tell me why, oh why?

Somebody tell me if life’s just a game
A moment of love, an hour of pain
Are we the flowers that bloom and then die?
If that’s all there is to it, tell me why, just why

How much does it matter?
Who would care if we knew?
That you never loved me
What good would it do?

Oh yeah, and so let me tell you the way that it seems
Our love is what matters, our hopes and our dreams
To share once life, to love and to cry
Oh yes, these are the reasons that we live and die
Oh… and die… oh… that’s why


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