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Music: Ralph Siegel
Lyrics: Jim Leary
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Italian English

Sometimes I feel torn inside
Far away from life and light
And there is a voice in my soul
Just believe in the truth, it will let you see
The bridges of eternity

Is my being good or bad
Just a dream that god has had
With two eyes reflecting the dark
I must die to start living, and I’ll start forgiving
All that pain and despair in my heart

You’ll be flying on the wings of confidence
Just stop crying and the future will make sense
Start emerging from your chrysalis
Find the kind of freedom that you miss
Like a butterfly

Sometimes when the rain pours down
Holds you captured on the ground
And it seems your wings just won’t dry
Times, they are changing, the wind blows the clouds of tears away
As you rise to the sky

You’ll be flying, leaving all you’ve been behind
Don’t stop trying, don’t let sunlight make you blind
Until the image in the looking glass
Cracks to pieces, and at last
You’ll see the light

There is more in life
Than your dreams have ever known
And our hidden fantasy
Is the universe we own

Flying on the wings of confidence
No more crying, for uncertainties are friends
You’re emerging from your chrysalis
Real freedom feels like this
Flying to the sky

Flying, and let lovin’ be your guide
Love’s not lying, for the truth is on its side
Changing everything and everyone
Like a shining new born sun
Only hearts can see

Flying, flying
Flying – fly on with me


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