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Melodifestivalen 2012 • webjoker semi-finals


Date(s) 3-10 October 2011
10-17 October 2011
17-24 October 2011
24-31 October 2011
Voting Method 50% Jury
50% SMS Voting

From 3 October, eight songs were published on the SVT website every Monday. Visitors were able to vote for the songs the following Monday from 12pm to 1pm through SMS voting. The top song from the SMS voting results and the top song from the votes of an expert jury qualified for the webjoker final on 7 November.

After the songs had been announced it was revealed that four of the songs were released or performed before being announced by SVT, breaking contest rules. Three of the songs were replaced: two in semi-final 3 and one in semi-final 4; “Set Me Free” by Trison in the first semi-final was not be replaced.

A further song was disqualified from the competition after it was revealed that the author Leslie Tays had professionally published music before, making her invalid for the webjoker contest. Therefore her song “No Games” performed by Chris Mhina was replaced in the third semi-final by “Jag kommer ut” performed by San Fransisco.

Webjoker Main Tour
Semi-finals Final
Semi-final 1
# Artist Song Votes Result
2 Billie Dee Wish You Luck 173 5th
3 Keylas How About You? 32 7th
4 The Commoneers Your Majesty 77 6th
5 Maria Klemetrud Catch Me 430 2nd
6 Maria BenHajji I mina drömmar 750 1st
7 Flying Kite Seven Years 363 3rd
8 Grand Slam All Day All Night 192 4th
Disqualified entries
1 Trison Set Me Free
Semi-final 2
# Artist Song Votes Result
1 Keylas For the Win 103 6th
2 Nordic Shine What If 530 2nd
3 Elin Jakobsson I’m Yours 111 5th
4 David Nestander Beautiful Love 687 1st
5 Kajsa Ingemansson Kitchen Floor 62 7th
6 Sören Karlsson Se mig som jag är (om du ser) 23 8th
7 [Demo artist] A Heartbeat Away 205 4th
8 Greta Through the Fire 245 3rd
Semi-final 3
# Artist Song Votes Result
1 Never Alone Marilyn Monroe 595 1st
2 Fredrik Sjöstedt She Is Love 235 3rd
3 Elin Jakobsson I Didn’t Wanna Say Goodbye 211 5th
4 Caroline Coquard Ingenting, ingen 165 6th
5 Olle Andersson Dance It All Away 370 2nd
6 Vilda Songbird 123 7th
7 Madeleine Ericson On the Top of the Mountain 24 8th
8 San Francisco Jag kommer ut 230 4th
Semi-final 4
# Artist Song Votes Result
1 Bowties Need to Know 642 1st
2 Ricky & Ronny Kärleken ler 110 7th
3 Trison Forever By Your Side 87 8th
4 Felicia Vårnäs Not Over You 121 5th
5 Jennifer Letting Go 148 4th
6 Patrick Egemo Higher 203 2nd
7 Vilda Box of Love 113 6th
8 Carolina Jakobsson Believe 192 3rd
Disqualified entries
Artist Song
Albin Loán Stars Might Shine
Chris Mhina No Games
My Niece Fine
My Niece Mary Doesn’t Care

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