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Eurovision Song Contest 1969
Date(s) 29 March 1969
Venue Teatro Real,
Madrid, Spain
Host(s) Laurita Valenzuela
Voting Method 100% Jury
Each country has 10 jury members who each award 1 point to their favourite song
Winner France: Frida Boccara
“Un jour, un enfant”
Netherlands: Lenny Kuhr
“De troubadour”
Spain: Salomé
“Vivo cantando”
United Kingdom: Lulu
“Boom Bang-a-Bang”
Country Artist Song
Belgium Louis Neefs Jennifer Jennings
Finland Jarkko & Laura Kuin silloin ennen
France Frida Boccara Un jour, un enfant
Germany Siw Malmkvist Primaballerina
Ireland Muriel Day The Wages of Love
Italy Iva Zanicchi Due grosse lacrime bianche
Luxembourg Romuald Catherine
Monaco Jean Jacques Maman, Maman
Netherlands Lenny Kuhr De troubadour
Norway Kirsti Sparboe Oj, oj, oj, så glad jeg skal bli
Portugal Simone de Oliveira Desfolhada portuguesa
Spain Salomé Vivo cantando
Sweden Tommy Körberg Judy, min vän
Switzerland Paola del Medico Bonjour, bonjour
United Kingdom Lulu Boom Bang-a-Bang
Yugoslavia Ivan & 3M Pozdrav svijetu

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