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Nationaal Songfestival 2006

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Date(s) 12 March 2006
Venue Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam
Host(s) Paul de Leeuw
Voting Method First Round
100% Jury
Second Round
100% Televoting
Winner Treble

Each act performed three songs, with a 9-member jury of Glennis Grace, Lange Frans, Floortje Dessing, Ron Stoeltie, Fiona Heering, Henk Temming, Tasha’s World, Jan Keizer and Giel Beelen choosing one song from each act to progress to the super-final. The winning act was then selected by televoting.

Giel Beelen refused to vote for a song by Maud as he didn’t think any of them were good enough for Eurovision.

# Artist Song Votes
1 Treble Amambanda 7
2 Treble Make Your Choice 0
3 Treble Lama gaia 2
4 Behave L.A. Baby 1
5 Behave Maybe Tomorrow 2
6 Behave Heaven Knows 6
7 Maud One More Try 1
8 Maud Without Your Love 3
9 Maud I’m Alive 4
# Artist Song Percentage Result
1 Treble Amambanda 72% 1st
2 Behave Heaven Knows 15% 2nd
3 Maud I’m Alive 13% 3rd

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