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Song Information
Music: Richard Micallef
Lyrics: Richard Micallef
Eurovision Song Contest 2014
Semi-final position: 9th
Semi-final points: 63pts
Final position: 23rd
Final points: 32pts

Freedom of life, I will express my soul
Look me in the eye and electrify my bones
I ain’t gonna leave until you know my name
Stepping out of the shell, now don’t you step in my way

Build another wall and watch it crumble by your side
Whoa, I’m coming home

I’m not holding back, no, I ain’t wasting time
If you want me near then you must come for the ride
If your sky will fall, I’ll shelter you from the rain
There’s not a cloud in the sky that can come in the way

Oh, roaming through fields, I’m trying to find this new land
It’s only ’cause I’m here, I’m finding gold in my hands
Oh, I’m coming home
Yeah, I’m coming home

Trying to build up the words to say what you mean to me
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Gonna open your eyes and let you know what I mean

Oh, I…
Oh, I…

(Gonna take on this journey, feel the light getting warm)
Gonna take on this journey
(Find the strength I’ve been searching, keep the beat going strong)
Feel the light getting warm

(Keep the gloves on for fighting, don’t you knock on my door)
Freedom of life, I will express my soul
(Yeah, the spirit’s alive, I’m on the road coming)
I’m on the road coming

Yeah, I’m coming home
Yeah, I’m coming home


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