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Song Information
Music: Helene Bøksle, Sindre Hotvedt,
Knut Avenstroup Haugen
Lyrics: Cecilie Larsen


Ah… ah…

No kalle kvinnene saman te sang
Dei ber meg sende mine gander
Krafta i kvadet eg lærde ein gang
Spinne tråd, lokke så ander gjer klang

Frykte sangen vil fløyma min sans
Kvie for makta i kvar tone
Dei seie lokken kan danna ein krans
Der me to atter forsone te dans

Ah… ah…
Ah… ah…

Drøyme, vinde deg inn
Tia fer sitt spinn

Volva vente i innerste ring
Krev at eg varde ho med gander
Eg ska kvea og festa mitt sting
Finna deg blant ander

Ah… ah…
Ah… ah…


Ah… ah…

Now the women are coming together to sing
They ask me to send my soul out
The power of the song I learned long ago
Spin a thread, entice the spirits to respond

I fear that the song will flood my senses
I shy away from the power of each note
They say the chant can form a wreath
Where we two can reconcile once again to dance

Ah… ah…
Ah… ah…

Dreaming, winding you in
Time’s web is set

The sorceress is waiting in the innermost circle
Demanding that my soul sing the way for her
I will sing and fasten my stiches
Find you among spirits

Ah… ah…
Ah… ah…


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